CAR-T cell therapy

Immunotherapy using CAR-T cells is quite a recent form of cell therapy, and it is very promising. A specific type of white blood cells, known as T-cells, are taken from the patient and then genetically modulated in the laboratory. This genetic treatment allows the T-cells to make a new type of protein, a CAR (chimeric antigen receptor). This is a kind of grabbing arm on the surface of the T-cell which improves its ability to recognise, capture and kill cancer cells.

When these T-cells are given back to the patient, they track down the cancer cells and destroy them. This therapy has already achieved some very promising results in patients with recurrent acute lymphatic leukaemia (ALL), and also in some forms of lymphoma.

CAR T cell therapy is still in its infancy. UZA is using its expertise to aid the ongoing development of this promising technology and improve its efficacy. The aim is to help more patients with cancer.

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